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by Pj Overholt

pen stroke

  I am a Certified Practitioner in HEALING TOUCH, a gentle, heart-centered, energetic approach for healing all aspects of the person.  By opening, clearing and balancing your energy centers known as Chakras, congested energy can be released; and your body is better able to heal.  Regular treatments can increase your immune system and help to decrease dis-ease.

  HEALING TOUCH is an integrative therapy which can be used along with other traditional Western medical treatments. HT treatments are generally done in a soothing environment in my studio on a massage table with healing music. The client is always fully clothed. After an initial intake and assessment, mutual goals are set for the intention of the session. In cases where the client cannot travel, it is possible to treat them in their environment.  In addition, I can also perform distance treatments.

promotes relaxation and calmness
reduces stress and anxiety
speeds recovery after surgery
enhances healing of all sorts
area of focus include

healing touch
deepens spiritual connection
supports cancer treatments decreases toxic effects
supports the dying process
helps decrease pain
session pricing
• Weekly Sessions -   $70 (1-Hr. Session)
    3 for $200 / 4th session for $45
• Home or Location Sessions: (Call for Info)
• Remote Sessions: (Call for Info)

• Payment is due at time of session, prior to start of session.
• 24 -Hour Cancellation Policy.